​​​Tracy Nickels

If you ask Tracy Nickels what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would of course say she always wanted to be a writer.  From as early as she can remember, Ms. Nickels has always loved to write stories, poetry and songs.  For her ninth birthday Tracy's mother gave her an Elvis Presley record.  From that point on, she would write songs for Elvis to record and sing to her.  Of course her songs never left the ranch and were never heard on the radio.  But that did not deter Ms. Nickels.

Tracy grew up in rural South Dakota where she attended LaRouche, the same one-room country schoolhouse her father had attended approximately 33 years earlier.  There were two students in Tracy's class and only eight in the entire school.  Unlike some modern schools of today that have automatic faucets and toilets, the LaRouche School had a well with a pump to obtain water and a two-seat outhouse.  The country school had no electricity.  Heat was generated by a wood-burning stove; everybody took turns loading logs to keep the heat going in winter months.  Above two chalk boards hung the alphabet prominently displayed on a paper poster.

Tracy wrote poetry and short stories for class and received enough encouragement that she was spurred on to tell more stories; written or verbal.  As it is with some writers, it was with Ms. Nickels, that she did not pursue writing adventures beyond her own personal satisfaction for quite some time.  She has kept many writings in drawers and boxes through the years.  Ms. Nickels continues to fill several boxes with all kinds of papers, napkins, checks and grocery store receipts that contain poems, songs, notes and stories written and scribbled on them.  To her, the convoluted assortment of papers is organized.  She hopes she lives long enough to publish and share her works.  Tracy hopes that Dancing Wheat and The Dance Continues will take you to a place you have never experienced or to a place you have always wanted to return to.

Ms. Nickels has a passion for animals of all kinds and the game of golf.  If she were good enough, her second profession would be golfing to make a living.  Tracy has shared her life with Nick since 1983.  After spending 22 years in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, they returned to Tracy's home state of South Dakota in 2002.