Dancing Wheat

Dancing Wheat is a respectable love story about home and hearth.  A story about deeply belonging in a day and age when roots are lost and families are no longer functioning.  Rachel, an independent country girl, moves to the big city to experience the "real world".  In the process, she spends twenty years learning that her family and friends back home, in the almost forgotten rural USA, are the things that matter most to her.  When life brings challenges and heartache, her life-long friendship with Remington Gentry proves to be only the beginning of her discoveries about herself.

​Dancing Wheat is simplistically written for an audience of all ages and gracefully takes you on an emotionally charged journey  you won't want to end or soon forget.   The conclusion, however, will leave you feeling renewed and hopeful about life, decisions, family and love.  You may never look at a wheat field the same.  Enjoy the Dance.

            ​         Dancing Wheat slows you down in a world that's moving way too fast

                                                                                                                    Bill Nickels