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Get'n Even Publishing is a family run publishing company developed for the primary purpose of self-publishing.  When Tracy Nickels decided to publish her first book, she conducted extensive research into major well-known publishing companies and decided it was to her advantage to own her own company to remain in control of her works.

Since opening for business in April of 1998, Ms. Nickels has published Dancing Wheat and The Dance Continues.  She currently is working on seven other works of various titles and genre. 

Also, Ms. Nickels is on the verge of launching a new line of greeting cards; Get'n Even Greetings  (G-E-G).  Not the kind of greetings that will make the recipient feel warm all over.  G-E-G is the type of greeting card sent to someone who just broke up with you right before the prom, and you have already bought or rented the dress or tux.  G-E-G will be sold on-line only and will be available in January 2005.

Get'n Even Publishing is located in Clark, South Dakota; a small rural community of approximately 1200 residents in the Northeast corner of South Dakota.

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